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The Petra Monastery hike: A guide from a non-hiker

3rd October 2022 by Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

Petra was a place I dreamed about visiting for as long as remember (well, since I first watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). While I couldn’t wait to walk through the Siq and seeing the Treasury appear, I kept being told over and over about an even better part of the City of Petra: The Petra Monastery....

Visit Petra like Indiana Jones: 1 day in Petra

12th September 2022 by Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

In November of 2019 my childhood dream of playing Indiana Jones in Petra came true, and yes, it was just as amazing as I had hoped. Walking through that narrow Siq and having the carved face of the treasury suddenly come to view around the corner was just plain magical, and I couldn’t help but hum the Indiana Jones theme song when I saw it. I was one happy girl! But, while this had been a dream of mine forever, I actually had no idea that the City of Petra was as big as it is. Petra is HUGE...

The best places to visit in Jordan (for any wannabe Indiana Jones)

3rd October 2022 by Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

In November of 2018, my long awaited dream of being Indiana Jones came true. After years of dreaming about it, I finally got to visit the Kingdom of Jordan and it was every bit as amazing as I hoped it would be. Even though I only spent 3 days in Jordan (more on that later in this article) I managed to see and do so much in a short period of time. So, for anyone planning their own trip to Jordan and wondering about the highlights, these are my picks for the best places to visit in Jordan....

What to wear in Jordan: Packing tips for women

2nd September 2022 by Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

Jordan was a dream destination for me. Playing Indiana Jones in Petra, wandering through the ruins of Jerash, trying knafeh for the first time in Amman, and exploring Wadi Rum. I loved Jordan. Not only did it have some amazing sites to see and visit but I found the people warm and welcoming as well. However, as a young, female traveller from Canada, I did stress a little bit about packing and what to wear....

Camping in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

25th February 2022 by Journalist On The Run

One of the highlights of my travels through Jordan at the end of last year was our night camping in Wadi Rum!......

Jordan highlights, Petra & Wadi Rum

8th July 2019 by The Daily S'elf

So many Jordan highlights to share but I’m guessing you’re here for two of the biggest, Petra and Wadi Rum. They were the most anticipated for me too, but Jordan continued to surprise me throughout the trip. If you’ve been following my journey for any length of time you’ll know that I love a bit of solo travel. That being said, Jordan is one of those places I didn’t want go completely alone though. Not because I would feel unsafe (and while I was there, that was never an issue), but...

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