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About Egypt

With one of the oldest histories of any modern country, Egypt truly is "the gift of the Nile" as the rich, multicultural landscape gives way to the arid dessert in matter of steps.

Amongst the deserted beaches, and stunning coral reef's of the Red Sea, a tropical oasis awaits. Alternatively, take in the sites as you meander along the river that gave birth to this impressive nation with luxury Nile cruise.

Hot all year round, but scorching in the summer, Egypt's dessert climate offers cooler nights (as low as 9°C in winter) and hot, dry days (as high as 40°C in the middle of summer). Its limited rainfall occurs mainly during the winter months, but its certainly not something to worry about when deciding on the best time to visit.

Owing to current events, its worth checking the recommended travel status for your planned destination on the website under foreign travel advice, to make sure its safe to visit.

From the Valley of the Kings and the mighty pyrmaids to the Egyptian museum, the waterside temples of Dendara or Edfu to the Nile Delta and the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, there's so much to do and see in Egypt so start packing and book your next trip now.

Egypt Blog posts

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Why a Nile Cruise Is the Best Way to Explore Ancient Egypt

26th April 2023 by Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

When I was planning my trip to Egypt, a Nile cruise wasn't something I had considered. I was aiming to create a two week DIY holiday on a budget, and I didn't think a cruise would fit into that. However, as I researched hotels in Aswan and Luxor, I realised that a cruise was the best way to explore Ancient Egypt....


2 perfect weeks in Egypt: Planning your own Egypt vacation

27th July 2022 by Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

If Egypt isn’t on your must-see list then you, my friend, are crazy. Seriously though, because my Egypt vacation was amazing; it was of the coolest travel experiences I’ve ever had and I would say that Egypt is now one of my favourite places (take a peek at my quick video below showing the highlights of my 2 weeks in Egypt itinerary and you’ll quickly understand why)....


What to wear in Egypt: Packing tips for female travellers

29th July 2022 by Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

Planning on what to wear in Egypt was not easy. In fact, after I got over the initial excitement of booking the trip, the proper dress code was something I spent a long time worrying about. I scoured the internet for helpful tips and advice, but to be honest it just left me even more confused. Some articles indicated I should cover up as much as possible and consider even getting a hijab or at least bring a scarf to cover my hair during my stay. Others said it wasn’t really a big deal, and I...


The best things to do in Dahab, Egypt: A bohemian diver’s paradise

10th May 2022 by Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

When it comes to travel in Egypt we tend to think of the ancient history. The pyramids and the temples. Mummies and Nile cruises. Among the enchanting ruins is a splattering of chaos, especially when it comes to Cairo. Bazaars and souks will have vendors calling after you for your business as other locals promise to take you on a special guided tour. Egypt’s main attractions are awe-inspiring and magical and I loved my time exploring them. But I also found travel in Egypt to be exhausting....

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