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About the Caribbean

A little known fact, there are over seven thousand islands in the Caribbean - bet you can't name more than a handful...thats because only 10% of them are inhabited.

There's also a huge contrast between them from the upbeat Barbados to the laid back, stuck-in-time, St Vincent; the business hub of the Caymans to St Cuba...and so on.

What they all have in common however are the miles of white sandy beaches, the azure blue waters, the stunning underwater kingdoms and the richly green forests and vibrant wildlife. Head for the unspoilt islands like St Lucia and Dominica for a truly opulent experience or take a boat trip and visit one (or more) of the thousands of uninhabited ones - a bandanna around your head, an eye patch and a parrot and you're your very own Jack Sparrow, savvy - Yo Ho!

The Caribbean gives you the excuse you need to take a paintbrush to your wardrobe (figuratively speaking) as colour is celebrated and the vibe throughout the islands is vibrant, fun loving and exciting. Even the food is full of colour, with a veritable rainbow of things on offer on both restaurant menus and food market stalls, and lets not forget the rum...oh the rum!

Relax at the beach, party in your resort, explore the local areas and discover the local communities, dive beneath the waves to find hidden kingdoms or stay above them and ride them in, indulge in ancient culture, indulge in modern music or find your inner Jack Sparrow and hunt for treasure as your very own "Pirate of the Caribbean".

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When to visit

If you're planning a holiday in the Caribbean, our top picks for the best time to travel would be andecember


Think warmth, sunshine, azure blue seas and cloudless skies, mixed with a laid-back vibe. The threat of tropical storms has passed, and the heat isn't too oppressive yet.