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We've looked at the most up-to-date weather data for Spain, covering the last 12 years up to 2024, plus we've asked our team of travel bloggers for their first-hand experiences in order to answer the most frequently asked questions about Spain weather in July.

How hot is it in Spain during July?

July is typically the hottest month in Spain. The temperature hits about 35℃ during the day, falling away to a balmy 21℃ at night.The UV index will be high at this time of year, so protection against skin and eye damage is needed. Try to limit exposure between 10am and 4pm. Apply broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen every few hours, even if it's cloudy, or more frequently after sweating or swimming, and wear UV-blocking sunglasses too, and bear in mind that bright surfaces, such as sand and water increase UV exposure.

Does it rain in Spain during July?

July is typically the driest month in Spain. On average, in July you'll see rain on just one day in the month. In other words, you shouldn't see any of the wet stuff. There's a small chance that you'll catch a thunderstorm during your trip.

Is it windy in Spain during July?

You're unlikely to experience any strong winds. Expect a light breeze that picks up slightly at times in July. With moderate humidity, any breeze will have a welcome cooling effect.

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